iCalScheduler v0.61

Help for iCalScheduler version 0.61

This is the Help section of iCalScheduler v0.61. Hopefully this will provide a good idea of whether this application is suitable or not for your needs.

Room Scheduler Help
    Getting Started - Calendar Views
        Daily View
        Weekly View
        Monthly View
        Yearly View
    Side Blocks
        Date Block
        Location and Filter Block
        Navigation Calendars Block
        Room Legend Block
    Security and Logins
    Departments and Roles
    Room Scheduling
        Adding an Event
        Deleting an Event
        Modifying an Event
    Using Filters
    Using the Wizard
        Repeating Event, Specific Datetime
        Repeating Event, Date Range
        Single Event, Specific Datetime
        Single Event, Date Range
    Performing a Search
    Creating Reports
        User Administration
        Room and Location Administration
    Technical Background
        The Database
        Security, Groups & Depts
        How Schedules are Updated
    Current Limitations
    Changes from 0.5 to 0.61
    Changes Needed for 0.61 to 0.7
Side Blocks in the Calendar Views

When displaying a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly calendar view, the left side of the display contains some side blocks that are used to configure what is displayed in the main calendar views. Not all of the calendar views have the same side blocks, according to what is appropriate for the given calendar view.

There are several different types of side blocks.

  • Date block - Quickly jump to a certain date
  • Location and Filters block - Set the buildings/locations to display on the calendar and apply any filters to the rooms to be displayed
  • Navigation Calendars block - Small calendars to quickly go to a certain day, as longis the day is within a month or so of the currently displayed day
  • Room Legend block - Block that shows on weekly and monthly calendar views that show correspondance between colors and rooms