iCalScheduler v0.61

Help for iCalScheduler version 0.61

This is the Help section of iCalScheduler v0.61. Hopefully this will provide a good idea of whether this application is suitable or not for your needs.

Room Scheduler Help
    Getting Started - Calendar Views
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        Yearly View
    Side Blocks
        Date Block
        Location and Filter Block
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    Security and Logins
    Departments and Roles
    Room Scheduling
        Adding an Event
        Deleting an Event
        Modifying an Event
    Using Filters
    Using the Wizard
        Repeating Event, Specific Datetime
        Repeating Event, Date Range
        Single Event, Specific Datetime
        Single Event, Date Range
    Performing a Search
    Creating Reports
        User Administration
        Room and Location Administration
    Technical Background
        The Database
        Security, Groups & Depts
        How Schedules are Updated
    Current Limitations
    Changes from 0.5 to 0.61
    Changes Needed for 0.61 to 0.7
Changes Needed for 0.61 to 7.0

This is a list of features that should be included in the next release, vresion 7.0, of the iCalScheduler software. These are listed here to clearly show where the 0.61 version is lacking and so not create unreal expectations and also provide a roadmap for anyone wishing to help out with the next version. Of course, other features will be more than welcome if someone wishes to add them as well.

The most critical things would be the following.

  • There should be a GUI interface to create, modify or delete departments. Right now this has to be done directly in the database by putting values in the ics_department table. If possible, if would also be nice to be able to allow department names with spaces in them (right now these don't work from the GUI for the user updating).

  • A GUI to designate which user is the "designated department admin" where the email requests go for an event request. Right now this is hard-coded in the ics_department table as the "mgr_uid" value.

  • A GUI for the group permissions. Again, this has to be done directly in the database right now. This would be a GUI to directly set up the ics_group and the ics_group2permission tables, thus being able to create, modify and delete permission groups (roles) as well as modify assignments of permissions to those groups.

Other nice-to-have things would be the following.

  • Use the date_range table for semesters, time-spans or whatever in the code. Most of the code has this hard-coded right now instead of using the table. Also, there should be a GUI interface to update and manage this date_range table.

  • Create a GUI for being able to match the pictures in the ics_pictures table to the rooms in the ics_rooms table.

  • Use colors rather than pictures/icons for the background colors for the calendar display of rooms (this is what pupiCalendar seems to do).

  • Improved documentation.

Appreciation is given to anyone who would have the time to make any of these contributions or other contributions that you would think are appropriate. Please refer to the SourceForge site for further information about this.